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The Premier Executive MBA Alliance

The Premier Executive MBA Alliance is a consortium of some of the best Executive MBA programmes in the world. Our mission is to educate and present the benefits of an Executive MBA whilst guiding candidates through their journey in choosing the most suitable programme for their professional development.

We have created a series of events that will showcase our Executive MBA programmes. Join us to hear from keynote speakers, meet local alumni and learn about the best Executive MBA programmes in the region. Find out how an Executive MBA can help you reach your professional goals and receive personal feedback on your candidacy from our Admissions Directors.

We invite you to join us in Dublin, Amsterdam, Warsaw to discover how an Executive MBA can accelerate your career.

The Premier Executive MBA Alliance Schools are:
Join our Executive MBA Showcase Events
6:30 PM Registration
6:45 PM – 7:30 PM “How to Boost Your Career with an EMBA” with an HR corporate keynote speaker
7:30 PM – 8:30 PM Networking reception - meet with Admissions Directors and local alumni.
What is An Executive MBA Degree?

The Executive MBA programme was developed to meet the needs of senior managers and executives, allowing participants to obtain an MBA degree whilst continuing to work full-time. It is designed for managers with significant work experience, enabling students to learn from one another (peer learning) as well as from the teaching faculty. Executive MBA programs typically place an emphasis on leadership and strategy, thus preparing students to take on senior level general management positions or perhaps to run their own businesses.

Global Executive MBA (GEMBA) programmes enable senior managers and executives to lead businesses and address social and economic matters on a global scale. The cultural diversity and the aspirations for visionary leadership of GEMBA participants reflect the goals of this type of programme. The learning experience takes place beyond campus with residency modules across continents. GEMBA programmes equip participants with the knowledge, skills, and perspectives needed to manage and lead effectively in today's interconnected world.

One of the key benefits of an Executive MBA and a Global Executive MBA programme is access to an unrivalled alumni network. Classmates from around the world become a lifelong trusted network of advisors, investors, business partners, employers and friends.