ZURICH, October 16, 2017
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Each Premier Executive MBA event features a speaking session by an industry leader, and a networking cocktail with representatives and alumni from the Top 30 Executive MBA programmes in the world (Financial Time ranking). The two-hour event will allow you to learn more about the details and advantages of the EMBA and GEMBA degrees. The events will provide all the information you need to develop your career and network in a privatised, exclusive location.

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  • Learn more about some of the world's top Executive MBA programmes
  • Hear from leading HR keynote speakers about their expertise, knowledge, and valuable tips
  • Receive personalised feedback on your candidacy directly from Admissions Directors
  • Network with local business school alumni, Admission Directors and other local business people
  • Expand your professional circle through exclusive access to the Premier EMBA Club Network
  • Enjoy the prestigious venues that will be privatised for the event - art galleries, museum or historic libraries
  • Benefit from professional headshots
  • Registration is completely FREE OF CHARGE
Agenda ZURICH, October 16, 2017
The program for the event is not available at the moment.
To be Announced Soon
HR, Corporate Director

The event keynote speaker is selected from a pool of the best local Multinational HR Managers to deliver valuable information on careers paths and share experience on the benefits of an Executive MBA education.