ESCP Europe's mission is to bring together and to train high-potential executives for successful careers in a global and multicultural context. It is our belief that the keys to successful management lie in values such as open-mindedness, exchange, teamwork and sharing of experience. Understanding different managerial cultures and working together to achieve common goals help to create stronger and more efficient organisations.

ESCP Europe's Executive MBA is a rigorous, action-oriented degree programme that thrives on diversity and expertise in management education - developed on six international campuses (Paris, London, Berlin, Madrid, Turin & Beirut) and further internationally. The aim is to expand your knowledge of management and shape your vision of the business organisation in a multi-country context. Skills development and peer learning are an integral part of the process.

The Executive MBA curriculum provides participants with unique opportunities for group learning and study. Six study tracks (Itinerant, Paris, Berlin-London,Turin, Madrid and Beirut) which progress individually on the core curriculum and conferences are brought together with electives and thematic seminars.

You will also benefit from an Executive coach to help you develop your personal and professional goals together and help define your own curriculum:

• 9 Core Courses: become proficient in the fundamentals of effective management

• 10 Electives: take them accross the 5 European campuses from a portfolio of over 50 courses (plus a selection of 8 Hertie School of Governance Electives and 9 Insurance Major Electives)

• 5 International Seminars: experience business topics specific to Europe, Asia and the Americas

• International Consulting Project: develop a real-case strategic analysis in a multicultural team

You can decide on your programme's duration:18, 22 or 30 months. With the General Management Programme option (12 months), you can take the 9 core courses of the Executive MBA during the first year and progress to the full programme during the 2 following years.

Programme Info

ESCP Europe Executive MBA

Accreditation: AASCB, AMBA, Equis

Ranking: N°12 Worldwide, N°2 Worldwide for Career Progress (73% Salary Increase), N°3 Worldwide for International Course Experience (Financial Times Executive MBA Ranking 2016).

Type of Course: Executive MBA with six study tracks:

Itinerant Track (rotating on 5 European campuses),
Paris Track,
Berlin-London Track,
Madrid Track,
Turin Track,
Beirut Track

Starting Dates: the Paris track starts in September and January, every other track starts in January

Length of Course: 18, 22 or 30 months

Student Body

101 participants: Class to graduate in 2017
Number of different nationalities: 31
Europe: 79% - Asia: 6% - Africa: 8% - The Americas: 6% -Australia: 1%
Men: 76% - Women: 24%
Age Range: from 29 to 52
Average Age: 37 years


University degree: BA or BSC
GMAT: Not Required
English Language Test: In-house test (free)
Other accepted English tests: TOEFL with a minimum score of 100; IELTS Level 7
References: 2 recommendation letters from employers or business contacts
Language fluency: English must be fluent
Working experience:
• a minimum of 5 years of successful professional experience including some managerial experience (for the 18 and 22 months formulas)
• a minimum of 4 years of successful professional experience (for the General Management Programme Option, with possibility to progress on the 30 months formula)

3-step selection process:
1. Orientation Interview with an admission advisor
2. Pre-selection on application form
3. Selection interview
Access to a pre-MBA programme online right after admission. 


1. Standard tuition fees:
Executive MBA: 56,000 €
General Management Programme: 21,500 € (the 9 core courses of the Executive MBA)

2. Additional expenses: travel and accommodation estimation €5,000 to €10,000

ESCP Europe is committed to support excellent candidates with 12 scholarships (10,000 € each) in 5 categories: Women Leaders, SME's, NGO's, Entrepreneurs, Emerging Markets Managers.

Summer offer ending on 30th September 2017: 
Summer offer tuition fee Executive MBA: 52,000 € (instead of 56,000 €)
Summer offer tuition fee GMP: 20,000 € (instead of 21,500 €)


Dean: Prof. Stefan Schmid
Program Director: Valérie Madon

Admissions Managers:

Paris/Itinerant: Isabelle Perna
Tel: +33 1 49 23 22 70 
Cell: +33 6 73 11 96 24 

London: Crochenka McCarthy
Tel: +44 (0)20 7443 8823

Berlin: Anne Ulbricht
Tel: +49 30 32 00 71 76

Madrid: Natalia Bauer
Tel: +34 913 869 441

Turin: Jacopo Brian Gazzola
Tel: +39 346 074 77 77

Beirut: Nancy Jabbour
Tel: +961.1.373.373 ext.1104